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i need to remember this

i need to remember this

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also there was some girl at watchet festival with a shirt saying “i’m dead wanna hook up” but i was too shy to say anything oh well

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it feels good to be back home

and now I can stick the SSD I got for my birthday into my laptop whoopee

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St. John Wort, the Herbal medicine, that police found in his bedroom and that Dylan was taken for depression.

this stuff doesn’t do SHIT trust me

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at this point my blood is probably 4.3% pasta sauce


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20 yesterday

welp, looks like i’m not a teenager any more… now wtf do I do?

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dosshell 4 lyfe

dosshell 4 lyfe

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Melody get your shit together

my fucking sides


Melody get your shit together

my fucking sides

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Women with AIDS should have sex with as many men as possible.

That way we can make sure that all men die before they rape women.

I was gonna print this post out and wipe my ass with it, but then I realized you can’t wipe up shit with shit.

Yes, spreading a fatal disease is definitely an acceptable way to behave. Fucking hell. Dear feminists, this is why I do not wish to be associated with you. I cannot believe you condone this.

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