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Anonymous asked: u wot jesus christ you get /some/ stupid anons this guy isn't at all homophobic, transphobic or sexist or any of the other shit this guy has done nothing but accept and support me for like 2 years and he knows that I'm bisexual and transgender. please do tell me how he's homophobic and transgender. please because sometimes he's the only thing that gets me through the day i'm off before i yell. okay? okay.

hey other anon read this message
also come back i’d like you to elaborate on your first message
(also I assume you mean transphobic instead of transgender the second time :P)

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Anonymous asked: And the new owner of hitmenforhire is anorexic who cares stop talking shit about jaz.

i assume that was aimed at the other anon

this is lol

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Anonymous asked: I was the anon that asked about what you have against the previous owner of hitmenforhire and I see that you deleted your answer. I didn't get to see it :(

what question was that? I don’t remember an anon sending me that question.

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Anonymous asked: The old hitmenforhire is fat.

thank you for that information

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Anonymous asked: I don't get it why aren't people sending you messages about your sexism, homophobia, transphobia/cissexism

because no SJWs read my blog probably

kek, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I received one of these messages

edit: could you provide any examples? i dunno, maybe i said “fag” once but that’s all I can think of…

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If we’re dating I will get you sexually frustrated a lot just to amuse myself

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Anonymous asked: reblog your old selfie!!!!

that’s loooong tho it means i gotta find it… and to be honest it’s nothing to get hype about
i’m sure i captioned it “guys i couldn’t do it” or something like that, you should be able to find it easily if you know what you’re doing. 

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shootupyourschool replied to your post:Yes seriously! Are you a boy?
post a selfie yo

kek, i already have, and it’s too dark to be taking any right now

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